Following is a list of websites that provide online classes, many for just middle and high school students.  Be aware that each site has limits on class sizes and prices vary per class.  If you are interested in a particular class, you should sign up as soon as possible to assure your place.  Upcountry Homeschool Association does not endorse any specific curriculum, website or retailer, these listings are for informational purposes only.

We are launching the biblically-based version of AP classes in August! 

How does that work? Each one of our semester-length classes fulfills the A-G requirement for high school. They are also built from the content outline of the CLEP exam. When students finish the class, they will be ready to take the CLEP at a local university and get college credit. 

Minimal Prep. Auto-graded. Each class is fully developed. There are 15 weeks, daily lessons, engaging prep materials, and even labs for Biology. Assessments are automatically graded. 

Prep for CLEP quickly with Quick Study Courses. Based on brain research, these separate mini-courses prepare your student to pass the CLEP exam in the fastest time possible. These can supplement with another curriculum or be used as a review for students wanting to get college credit in high school by passing CLEP. 

If you want to try a free sample to see if this might be right for your unique needs/preferences, use this link: