Upcountry Homeschool Association was formed as a South Carolina Option 3 Homeschool Accountability Association.  

We are recognized by the SC Department of Education as an operable accountability association.

Our mission is simple, wanting families to enjoy the freedom to educate their children as is allowed in the law, 

without unnecessary oversight. 


 Your membership will include homeschool accountability for the entire school year.  

After acceptance, you will receive a membership packet via the USPS that will include your homeschool certificate, welcome letter, membership card, record keeping forms that you may find useful, a HSLDA discount code, and a list of varying opportunities that are 

available to the local homeschool community.  Newsletters are emailed on the first of each month.  We also offer *optional* standardized testing opportunities and homeschool parent workshops throughout the year.

We will not require testing, though will be happy to discuss testing options should you feel that your family would benefit from it.  We will provide official transcripts for high schoolers applying for dual enrollment, college entrance, etc.  A final transcript will be included in every senior’s package, along with the option to participate in our graduation ceremony. 

We will not rank but will list honor’s courses on transcripts with acceptable documentation. We will be happy to include all dual enrollment credits earned!  Additionally, we have established a chapter of the National Home School Honor Society for our high school students.


The Founder/Director, Lori Wyatt, is a 20+ year homeschool veteran who believes there is no one perfect education solution for all children and their families.  After graduating four exclusively homeschooled children of her own, she is witness to the homeschool system working to produce intelligent, well-rounded students who are prepared to enter higher education, the work force, and society as flourishing participants in all.

Lori has a heart for the homeschooling community, and strives to provide others with the leadership, support, and accountability that she herself received along her family's journey.  Just one year before graduating her youngest child, her family's association closed.  With a rising senior, facing college applications and living the uncertainty of a global pandemic, she began to research what alternate choices she had for their last year.  While she found many excellent associations, with wonderful directors, there was no one match that mirrored all she had received over the last two decades.  Thus began her son's senior year and her planning to provide an association to other homeschoolers once her teaching years were past.  

Jay and Lori exclusively homeschooled all four of their children: two were named BMW Scholars and the other two went on to graduate from the University of South Carolina.  

All four children were full scholarship recipients.