Following are Co-Op and educational enrichment opportunities that are available in our community.  

Please contact each directly for additional information or to register.  

Upcountry Homeschool Association, LLC is not affiliated with any opportunity listed, this is for information purposes only.

Subject Specific Courses or Tutors

Do you see yourself in any of the following situations?  

Need a breather from being the solo English teacher:  Sometimes, being your child's only English teacher can be overwhelming. Writing, in particular, can stir up emotions, and having an outside hand of support can work wonders for the parent-child dynamic.

Extra help for struggling students: Is your student grappling with challenges in their English class? Do they say despondent things like “I guess I’m just a terrible writer”? Does their confidence level need a boost when it comes to writing?

Focus troubles: Is it a task for your child to sit down and dedicate an hour to their writing assignments? Do they need someone to virtually sit with them, offering encouragement and keeping them focused?

College applications and SAT stress: Is your child in the throes of college application essays or stressing over SAT preparation?

Nurturing creativity: Do you have a creatively inclined child eager to explore English in a deeper way? Perhaps they're keen on crafting fiction or engaging in literary discussions for sheer enjoyment?

I'm here to help! I find joy in breaking down daunting tasks into manageable steps, and helping students conquer challenges step by step. Whether it's writing essays, tackling the intricacies of grammar, or plumbing the depths of Shakespeare, I'm in your corner.

Why Choose Bluebird Academy?

Personalized Approach: Tailored lessons to suit individual learning styles and address specific areas of improvement. Tell me what you need from the tutoring sessions!

Years of Experience: I’ve taught and tutored students ranging from 1st grade through college for over five years. English is my favorite, but tutored in other subjects as well.

Convenient Online Sessions: Learn from the comfort of your home through Zoom or get feedback on papers using google docs

Flexible Pricing: Choose from three pricing options to best suit your needs:

$35 per 1 hour session

$30 per 1 hour session when you book three sessions in advance

$25 per 1 hour session when you schedule five sessions in advance

Any Questions? Contact: 

Haley Schvaneveldt Haynes
(864) 238-5320
Sign up for a session here: schvaneveldt/tutoring

Website –

Email –

DISCOUNT:  For homeschools, we offer 1 free seat per 20 paid seats as this is about the same ratio that we provide to public/private schools.

I have a BA in English and a Masters in Education.  I have taught five years in public schools and homeschooled over twenty years,  I would love to help your students learn and progress in English!  Contact Elizabeth Bulsa at 864-884-5707.

(864) 596-9022

We offer family discounts for certain programs, like Lawson Band and Lawson String Ensembles (call to inquire)

Private music lessons, group music instruction, and dance classes. We also offer a summer program, the Fine Arts Day Camp, which provides daily instruction in art, creative writing, dance, music, and theatre.  

Child (3–5): $6 per person:   Child (6+): $15 per person:   Adults: $25 per person

You must provide either a letter of intent, attendance record, or homeschool ID card upon admission to receive this discount. This discount is only available at the ticket counter and cannot be purchased online.

If you feel inadequate as a parent to teach your child higher level math, let me ease your burden.

355 E Blackstock Rd. Spartanburg SC

We offer a free Trial Lesson:  Private Lessons, Homeschool Choir, Homeschool Piano Class

Multi-Subject Co-Ops


Phone: (813)503-6811

Nature-based Homeschool classes for students 4-8 years for the following areas:

  Science, Math, Literature, Geography, and project-based learning.

Laura Lee, Director:

River Hills Baptist Church, 5762 Reidville Rd., Moore, SC  29369

We serve the homeschool community with both classes in a resource center and a co-op.

Contact Information/location/website: Director Michele Shearin 803.429.7394

Location: North Point Community Church

132 Beckett Lane, Columbia Sc 29223

We have a whole host of classes available in person and online.  Here is our website:

Early Bird Discount was until April 15th. I will extend it for any members in your group:) who are interested in taking any classes here in person and online. The discount is $150 per family per year. It is at $200 now and goes up to $250 by June 1st.  Student fees are $40 per student per year and science classes have a yearly $50 lab fee as well.

If any of your members are interested in online classes only, I will gladly extend our early bird registration as well  for  $40 registration per family per year and $40 student fee per student per year.

We will be offering a co-op in the Fall on Wednesdays if any of your members are interested.  The spots are limited. Please feel free to call me. We will have a mixture of ages from k-12th grade.

Mailing Address: 6806 Mountain View Road, Taylors, SC 29687

Location: Grace Church, 2701 Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC 29615

Service:  We are a homeschool co-op offering classes from K3 through 12th grade.

American Red Cross 

The American Red Cross offers a variety of virtual programs to help adults and children better prepare for emergencies, details about these programs are provided below. The American Red Cross team in SC has set a goal to train over 2,000 youth and adults to be better prepared for disaster by July 1st. Free virtual presentations are offered by the regional Red Cross Preparedness Team. There are two options to participate in the free disaster preparedness education, you can either join one of the community offerings scheduled monthly, or if you have a group of 10 or more we can set up a specific virtual training for your group (please email if you would like to discuss setting up a virtual presentation specific to your group). Please see below and attached for more information, if you have any questions please email



Be Red Cross Ready: Be Red Cross Ready is a national, standardized preparedness education program for adults taught by a certified presenter. The curriculum is designed to help people understand, prepare for, and respond appropriately to year-round disasters like home fires and local hazards like hurricanes. (Adults)


Prepare with Pedro: Prepare with Pedro is a 30- to 45-minute preparedness education program for grades K-2 that teaches students how to "be prepared" and "take action". (Youth Age 5-7)


The Pillowcase Project: The virtual Pillowcase Project is a free interactive preparedness program designed for children in grades 3 through 5. The program aims to increase awareness and understanding of natural hazards, teach safety and emotional coping skills, as well as the importance of personal preparedness. (Youth Age 8-12)


Virtual Home Made Safer Visit: The Red Cross and its partners are pleased to offer virtual education sessions on Home Fire Safety for residents of the South Carolina Region from the comfort of your home. 

Request an Appointment: Red Cross Free Home Fire Safety Education (

Save a life with Hands Only CPR: All ages, It’s easy to learn. You can increase the chance of someone surviving a cardiac emergency by taking a FREE American Red Cross 30-minute class. More than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside a hospital each year. Learn how to deliver lifesaving CPR care without rescue breaths and be prepared. When you immediately provide Hands-Only CPR, you can increase the chance of survival. Completing a Hands-Only CPR course does not result in CPR certification. To register for full CPR classes, please visit

Special Needs

Susan Blackwell is a consultant for families who are homeschooling children with Special Needs. A consultation typically lasts between 1-2 hours and includes reviewing documents such as psychological evaluations, IEP’s, and any other type of tests that have been done previously. Many times we just discuss the upcoming school year, and curricular suggestions are given as well as how to implement accommodations into your school agenda.

Susan can also give testing (if requested) to see what the student has mastered and what areas they may need to review, or change the methods/accommodations, or curriculum.

Susan has an Education degree and was the Director of Special Needs for the 2nd option for many years before changing to an independent ministry to the 3rd option groups.

You can get more information on the website: